Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust

The key is the mozzarella cheese in the crust.

Let me start by saying I do not like the taste or smell of cooked or uncooked Cauliflower. That being said, this crust really ends up tasting and smelling like regular pizza crust.

I had always heard that making this crust could be tricky. (Something about coming out crumbly), but since I put the challenge out to some of my cooking friends I have not received any success stories or pizza samples…so I decide to try it my self. YUM!

floretsThe recipe emphasized using a “Small” amount of cauliflower so I went with the 10 ounce bag of florets, and cut all the stems off (as instructed). This amount of cauliflower is only enough for a 6 inch personal thin crust pizza.

However, this is a good size crust to start with since that is all the cauliflower that would fit in my small ninja processor.

You blend up the cauliflower in a food processor until it looks like snow, which is really as much as the processor will crush it. At some point the blades just start spinning.


You are now supposed to cook the cauliflower in the microwave for 4 minutes. However, I went ahead to the next step, which was to wrap it up in a dishtowel, and wring the stew out of it.

wring out

I am not sure if it needed this extra wringing, step, but I did it anyway. You want to squeeze out as much water as possible. This will ensure you get a chewy pizza like crust instead of a crumbly mess (so they say).

A surprising amount of water does come out of the pulp. I used 3 small cloth napkins instead of just 1 dishtowel (I have also heard that cheesecloth will work).

The dishtowel does try to hold onto the cauliflower snow so try not to lose your pulp pieces. So I drained the water, then cooked it for 4 minutes in the microwave, and then drained the water again (this draining thing was drilled into my head).


Mix in the dry ingredients, and the egg and roll into a ball. (it was fun trying to estimate the amount of egg I needed for this small “personal” sized batch)

I may have used more mozzarella than called for but I think the cheese is the key to holding it all together. Ms. Dash extra spicy was substituted for the crushed red pepper (it has some crushed red pepper in it but also has some other good flavor).

Ball up the dough and place on a parchment paper on a pizza stone.

I did not have either of these items so I used Pam spray, and tin foil. However,I would definitely recommend the paper and stone because it took my crust longer to cook, and brown on a pan.

crust image

Next you flatten the crust out. The recipe suggests “thin but not too thin” so I was left guessing at what that meant. Next time I would go slightly thinner.

You cook the crust 8-11 minutes or until golden brown, (mine took longer- probably the extra cheese- yum).

Then take out the crust add toppings and bake until cheese is brown and bubbly. All I can say is that I ate the entire thing! The recipe I chose (and there are lots of blogs and recipes out there on this topic) was a blog The Best Cauliflower Crust Pizza. | How Sweet It Is (has great pictures and narrative) which was about an original recipe from tastykitchen.com(which gives detailed recipe information).

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